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How to write a job applications

Writing Job Applications
In order to make you available and visible in the job market the first priority is to create an appropriate Resume along with a job application generally known as a Cover Letter. This means that you have to ensure that your application stands out from the crowd. Remember that the way you apply is as important as any qualifications you may have. The application is your first introduction to the employer. If you reveal yourself to be careless or flippant at this stage, he is not going to want you working for him no matter how qualified you are.

Pitfalls to avoid when sending the Application letter:

Type your Application: Unless specified in the advertisement, a job application should not handwritten, it is easily decipherable only if you have a beautiful handwriting and that you can write in a straight line on a plain A4 sheet paper . So the best is to restrict your handwriting only to the signature. When you send an illegible handwritten application letters or photocopies/cyclostyled sheet you can bid goodbye to any hopes of an interview call

Tailor Make both your Application and Resume: You may be sending applications to many places and different organizations – nothing wrong with that, but do not project an image by sending photocopies of one application letter. Each application should be an original.
Similarly Resumes must prioritize the projects or subjects studied high lighting the topics that are industry specific. So idealistically study the advertisement and the post thoroughly. Identify the subjects and topics you have mastered or have vital interest in. Match the same with the requirements and thus highlight them in your resume.
This important aspect of application and resume building shall help you sail through your interview with ease. In other words you become ready much before you get an interview call.

Avoid laxity in your integrity:
By using someone else’s letterhead write your application especially that of the company where you are working and about to leave.

Avoid being careless: A badly folded letter spoils the whole image of an otherwise well-typed letter on good quality paper.

Don’t be generous with the glue: When you seal your application letter in the envelope don’t use excessive gum on it. If the letter cannot be easily taken out you won’t be called either especially if it gets torn in the process.

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