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Dressing up for the Interview for Women

Importance to create a lasting impression, it is very essential to look presentable. During an interview make sure that you not only look presentable, be comfortable in whatever you wear and that gives you a professional look and reveals the least. The kinds of clothes you wear speak a lot about your personality and that the organization understands whether you are fit for their corporate culture. You are not going to become a fashion model but you must have to understand the elegance of a business dress.

Women Attire can be divided into two categories

Indian Formals:Sari is an all time favorite. A printed border sari, a matching blouse with a perfect fit. Pin up your sari well so that it does not fall off and you are comfortable. Flowing pallus are only for parties.

Chudri daar Suit is accepted as a formal official attire. Carry a matching dupatta. Pin it up properly if you are not able to carry it open. Let it not become a hindrance while you are at work.

Western Formals: A Formal Suit: A Trouser, Shirt and a Coat. Dark trouser, light pastel color shirt, a coat if the season permits (especially in India Climatic conditions). Wear a trouser suit only if you are comfortable in it. This outfit is accepted in all large corporate houses, banks, multinational companies etc.
A Formal: Long/ Short Skirt, Shirt and a Coat. This outfit is recommended if you are going in for the interview of airhostess, aviation or in for hospitality jobs. Certain companies specify the dress code prior in the call letter itself as to what the candidate should be wearing for the interview.

Personal Grooming: Clean and well filed nails, apply light nail enamel. Neat professional hair cut if they are short comb and clips them well. For Long hair tie them into a plate or a bun whatever you are comfortable at. The clothes should be clean and well ironed. Use a deodorant if you sweat and have a strong body odor. Use a mouth freshener if you have eaten food with strong smell. Wear a mild perfume.

Accessories:Apply very light and a soothing makeup which gets along with whichever clothes you wear Indian/Western. Wear a watch displaying the correct time, on one wrist and a single bangle or a bracelet on the other. Idealistically if you wear a watch with a metallic gold or silver the color of the bracelet should be same respectively. While if the watch strap is leather one then you have a choice of any one. As per the Indian traditional dressing style avoid too many Jing bang accessories during an interview.

Shoes/ Bags/Folder:Light weight, low wedge heels sandals with your Indian Formals. Choose from Black, Cherry, Brown or Gray color. Avoid all other florescent colors at office although you many have matching with the sari and the suit you are wearing.

Majorly Coat Shoes with your western outfits. Choose from Black, Brown and Gray whichever best compliments with your clothes.Carry a leather handbag and a file folder mainly the color should same as that of your shoes.
At the end your Smile is one most precious ornament that you have do not forget to wear it.Best of Luck

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