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How to choose between two job offers

Making the right choice between two job offers: Made easy.

One feels very lucky to have received a call letter. One feels even fortunate that he is the most wanted and has more than one call offer. The happiness is just short-lived because the actual problem begins now. It is really difficult to choose from two or more job offers if received at one time.

Prepare to take a Right Decision:Intelligence, logical reasoning, must be vitally used to make a perfect choice. Use an analogical strategy to make the right choice. If you find it difficult then sit along with a friend, family member or a peer.

Check for the Career Path:Each company decides the career path of every job that it offers, either check the growth graph with the HR manager of the company or you shall find the same on the company’s website. Visualize yourself at the highest post and check with your inner self; Is this the kind of growth you are looking for?

Look for the Long Term Benefits: It is quite possible that Company A may not be a big name but offers you a higher salary, while on the other hand Company B is a big reputed name but offers you a lower start which one would you choose? Your obvious choice should be company B as it would have a better stability and would you let sail through a longer way.

Look for the Advantages and the Disadvantages: Self Introspection Method. Make a list of pros and cons of the two or three offers that you have at hand. Consider the issues like the salary, additional benefits, minimum time required to join the organization, growth potential, job profile and responsibilities, does the job requires you to travel out station and how frequent is your touring, career path as discussed above, your distance of commuting to and fro each day. How big is your office? Do you have to handle a team and how big is it? How many leaves you are entitled to in a year? Talk about the Medical benefits if any. Questions like these can also help you to come down to a conclusion provided you are honest in the entire process.

If in case after the above exercise if you still fail to take a decision, then go back the two companies and sit for a final negotiation and ask for a hefty salary and attempt to make a final and a better deal for yourself.
Good Luck.

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