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Discover the Beautiful You

We as woman are blessed by the almighty with unique beauty. It is now our chance to maintain, flaunt and expose it to the world. The beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder is an old adage at the same time it’s true that beauty is but skin deep.

Let the Skin Glow: Skin is the largest outer covering of the body and it is utmost sensitive. Skin qualities can be divided broadly into 3 categories, namely oily, dry and combination. A tissue paper test can help you determine your skin type.
Water is the best cleanser in and out. Drinking lots of water cleanses internally and solves many problems like indigestion, acne, acidity etc. Most oily skins can be handled well by splashing water frequently.
Rejuvenate yourself with exercises: There is no substitute to exercising. 10 mints of workout for yourself each day helps you keep active and in shape, which most women often long for.
Nourish your body with Good and Nutritive diet: The kind of food you not only determines your skin type but also your health. Fibrous food, salads, fruits and sprouts makes you healthy, active and glowing. You maintain flawless skin quality, healthy hair quality and bright eyes.
Cleandeep for complete Personal Hygiene: Head to toe needs to be cleansed each day. Use a good quality shampoo for your hair twice a week. A Facial helps tone the skin and reduces fine lines. A regular and proper manicure and pedicure is essential. Make sure to avoid bad breath and body odor. There is a large variety of toiletries available in the market to choose from.
Make over: Light or gaudy makeup to suit the occasion. Dress as per the season and occasion. Use all branded makeup products so that you do not harm your skin. Style your hair so that they are handled well. Tie your hair into a pony or a bun for a professional look in office. Leave your hair open for a party or a celebration
Apparels as per the occasion: Wear professional suit in office if you wear western. Avoid flowing and provoking dresses. Make sure that the dress fits you well.
Accessories to Compliment the Attire: A watch, a bracelet, a sleek neckline and ear studs are all time favorite. Wear a soothing and pleasant perfume. Comfortable footwear matching to your dress looks elegant. The high heels should be that you can handle very well. Carry a good leather handbag or a leather file folder as required by you.

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