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Is being healthy important for success?

“A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body”—- cannot be denied. There are many reasons and advantages of being healthy.

Success has been defined and re-defined by many of us many a times. Success is just not about how much money we make it includes aspects of our lives and our family. The faith our friends incorporate in us, our financial status and our social relations and above all our physical and mental health.

Being healthy is a good source of Energy:

Most successful people have always exhibited their passion for work and this has been possible because of endless energy. Working in an organisation expects energetic people. Each individual has roles to play, despite a long and hectic day one is not expected to return home and lounge on a couch. The family expects a quality time during the evening hour, you have the social obligations to fulfil and one cannot cease to be lazy or lack energy.

Health means you get to Show up Every Day:

Visiting a doctor frequently, feeling down, missing office, unable to attend the parent meeting at the kid’s school, quiet often forgetting to pay a bill is all because you do not keep healthy and therefore tend to forget the most important tasks. You need to be really healthy to participate and enjoy the life fully. An unhealthy person will miss days work, miss his family time. One needs to be an excellent time manager to be able to be healthy as it is needed in every moment of life. Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise-says it all.

Life Demands Vitality:

It’s a competitive world, only a healthy person can except the challenges in life and can give his hundred percent as when required. Thus winning the race as a competitor with his peers and distinctively claiming as a winner. In order to desire the best for yourself and to give the best to one’s family and kid’s life demands a vital source of energy which can be only derived if you are conscience about your health.

Being Healthy helps to Be Independent:

To be healthy and energetic during your younger days is important. Nevertheless, if you maintain your health and energy for your old age is also very graceful. No matter how old you are if you independently are able to do your entire daily chore is not only appreciated but also is a remarkable achievement. Nobody likes to be sick and be dependent on others. The money spent on the medicines can also be diverted to enjoy life to the fullest.

A good Health helps to serve better:

All through the life we are busy preparing ourselves for the future, job family and fulfilling our responsibilities. It is only during the old age after retirement and that you have freed yourself from the responsibilities of settling down your kids in their respective lives one starts to think about contributing to the society. A healthy contribution will be possible when you maintain to remain healthy yourself and that you help rather than becoming a liability on others.

One cannot deny with the fact that Health is a Vital Key to SUCCESS!!!

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