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Who doesn’t want to be Complemented

“Clothes and manners do not make the man; but, when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.”- Henry Ward Beecher

Are you recognized by your looks? Most Corporate organizations prefer smart, healthy and presentable employees. The secret lies in the three P’s for success are Prepare, Perform and Present. Undoubtedly, first Impression is the last impression.

To look presentable:

Physical Fitness: Each of you has a different body structure, facial features and above all an individual entity. Exercise to keep fit, in shape and active. Eat the right kind of food.

Good and Nutritive diet: You look as to what you eat. The glow of your skin, the brightness in your eyes, the color, texture and the length of your skin, the quality of your nails all depends on the kind of food you eat.

Personal Hygiene: The basic cleanliness, brushing, bathing, use mouth fresheners in case you smoke or eat food with strong essence like non vegetarian food, garlic or onion. Use a deodorant in hot summer season to avoid strong body odor.

Skin Care: Fact is over a decade there has been a growth of 30% of men beauty Salons over the women beauty parlors. Vital range of products are available in the market for skin care, choose one as per your requirement. Pamper yourself.

Grooming: Your looks can make you the most talked about person in your organisation? If you are clean shaved or beard and mustache well trimmed see the compliments you get from the others. A nice professional hair cut is more than welcome. Neatly cut and shaped nails are a must. Wear masculine cologne. Skin and eye care should not be neglected.

Attire: A nice fit of a straight pair of trousers a matching executive collared shirt (you can choose from pastel colors, pin stripes or fine checks) is mandatory. A matching Tie whose length should fall up to the buckle of your belt. The color of the belt, and shoes should be same (black or brown which ever gets along with your dress) fresh pair of socks ideally matching to the color of your shoes. A perfect fitting coat if the season permits.
Adorn yourself with a good pen in the pocket along with a wrist watch which displays the correct time.
Happy Good Looking!

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