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Appropriate Length of Resume

Candidates are often sceptical about the length of the resume.

The length of your resume depends – on how much experience you have and what level candidate you are. A Fresher’s Resume at an entry level, one pager is plenty. For a more experienced candidate a longer resume is accepted but a maximum of two is appt.

Resume Length TipsDavid Adams, Vice President of Learning and Development of Adecco Group North America: States that the length of your resume depends on the kind of Job you are applying and the number of years of experience one possess.

Some general guidelines are:1. Freshers or Entry level applicants:
Entry level job seekers or those transitioning between career fields should stick to a one page resume.

2. Mid-level applicants:Candidates with around five to ten years of experience or anyone whose field requires technical or engineering skills, a two-page resume is commonly acceptable.

  • It allows enough space to include all of the pertinent information in a readable manner
  • Make sure that at least three-quarters, of the second page with relevant and helpful information is utilised so that the recruiter's attention is not drawn to the blank space on the second page.
  • Arrange the information you want to provide in a systematic manner.
  • Avoid a tabular format to provide Education and Technical Qualifications

3. Senior-level applicants:
Executives or senior-level managers with a long list of accomplishments in their field – or those in an academic or scientific field whose experience includes a number of publications, licenses or patents – are the people who need to be circulating a resume that is three pages or longer. This allows the details can be spaciously accommodated.

When a multiple-page resume is appropriate, an addendum can be used after page two. This allows job seekers the option of including the full document depending on the requirements of the job.

Good Luck.

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