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Beat the Heat with some Sports Activity

Summer Vacation is the time where one can do something extra other than your regular school or college.

Sports is yet another way to develop some personality traits, like building one’s own body stamina, team work, focus on goals, time management, and above all to become a Winner.


Swimming not only relaxes you of your fatigue but also develops immense body stamina; learning to swim at an early age can develop your bones and muscles and eventually gain a good height for the growing children. Swimming is a mandatory skill required, if you look for careers in the industries like Aviation, Merchant Navy, and armed forces Navy in particular. One can also become a good swimming coach as a profession.

Judo Karate:

A Skill popularly known as martial art of self defense, builds stamina for the body and the soul. It has many levels of achievements recognized by its belt colour. Some schools provide in house trainings for Judo and Karate. One can also join classes outside to excel further in the skill and achieve higher levels faster in the sport. Later in the career chart this skill becomes an added advantage in NDA, NCC, and other armed forces like BSF etc.

Sports Activity

Taekwondo :

Similar to Judo Karate is yet another Chinese Martial Art of self defense still in its infant stage. Taekwondo is characterized by its emphasis on head-height kicks, jumping and spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques has its historical background to have been adopted in South Korean Military. So learning Taekwondo is not only a good

summer vacation idea but also can become a boon for some of your career options later in life.

Join you with more summer vacation options shortly…

Happy Summers happy learning.

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