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Optimum use of Summer Vacation: Time and tide waits for none

For those who want to excel in life every second counts. In continuation of our previous article skill development can broadly be divided into two categories developing the non-technical and technical skills.
Let’s talk about the Non- Technical Skills

Music and Dance:

Learning music and dance in the vacations can help you de stress of the hectic work schedule you have followed all through the year. On the contrary if you excel in these two art forms you can further pursue them as your profession if need be.

Business Communication:

Written English has a vital role to play. Even as per Dale Carnegie in an actual scenario language competency has a higher weight age over the technical skills. Written communication better known as business communication is required from writing an application to drafting a proposal, filling up a tender, negotiating for prices, sending an e-mail. Short term courses are available both online and of line for the same.


Join a dramatics workshop to develop confidence in public speaking and eradicating the stage fear. Facing an audience and getting a firsthand feedback works magical in boosting up ones confidence.

Drawing and Painting:

Brainstorming is yet another integral part of any team work of a fast growing company. It requires a lot of imagination and visualization to conceive an idea, nurture it, develop it from its infant stage to adulthood and see it mature successfully into an end result. Learning how to draw and paint can help you imagine, visualize, and then arrange the thoughts on paper, esthetically.

Communication Skills:

Spoken and written English is mandatory in the present day job market. So enhance and hone your language and a short term course on brushing your English can much profitable.
Learning a foreign language can be an added advantage, if you look forward to be part of foreign delegation or a representative of your company abroad.

Choose the right skill as per your inclination of interest….
Shall see you with more interesting options.

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