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Summer Vacation: Changing times: Changing Needs and Trends

Since childhood each one of us has longed for vacations. Two generations down the line visiting grandparents was the sole aim of the summer vacation. Playing some traditional indoor games with friends and cousins all through the sleepless summer afternoon brought optimum joy. Bedtime grandparent’s stories had endless solace.
Times changed, competition hiked, grandparent’s stories vanished, and children were left on the mercy of the gadgets and very few hobby classes next-door.

Today, students are running in between their respective school, college and tuition centers, trying to maintain a balance; therefore summer vacation has immense importance. For most of us transforming our summer vacation into learning a new skill is conceptual as these skills would help them later in their career.

If we ask our parents, even they learnt shorthand and typing during their summer vacation to enhance their career with add on skill. Shorthand and typing became obsolete, and were replaced by computer courses.

Learning anything new and extra requires planning and additional time out of one’s regular schedule. Summer Vacation is the best solution for picking up any new skill to add as another feather in your cap. It is a long term investment for your future. The more we learn the better we are armed to face the competitive market of employability.

Now the question is what to learn and where to learn?

Prepare a check list of the skills you already possess. Then figure out what are the skills you lack in and start working on them on the priority basis.

Start with your communication skill: You can speak a local language; you can both read and write: Hindi and English (national and global languages respectively). If not take up English Speaking Course then move forward to learning a foreign language as French or German.

Good luck learning…
Shall join you further with more skill development ideas.

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