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How to keep professional and personal ethics separate

Mastering the art of maintaining professional and personal ethics apart:

Most youngsters who enter into a corporate world as professionals are very excited about their career but fail number of times in maintaining a balance between work and family. Which leads to many psychological and stress problems?

Drawing a hairline between the two roles:

The question is how to keep the two roles into different honeycombs. The answer is very simple it’s a matter of habit and practice that each one of us has to practice sooner or later. It may be a little difficult in the initial stages.

Very few people have perfectly practiced this art it’s like an on and off switch. When they reach office the home is put off and in the evening when they reach home the office is put off.

Certain Rules: To keep Professional life out of your Personal life and vice versa.

Be reserved in office when you talk about your family and private matters. Maintain your privacy. The advantage is you avoid the gossiping among the staff members. Talking about movies or a new restaurant is acceptable. Draw a line when you talk about relationships, money matters, bank accounts, capital assets etc

Never get your work at home. If you are a good time manager it is quiet likely that you are able to complete the entire day’s task within the given period of time so that you don’t carry the work home. This can also be achieved if you are not lazy in doing the work and in the habit of procrastinating.

Let not the tensions of work at office dominate you at home during the family time. At the same time let not the problems of the family are carried to the office.

Please respect the private relationships of the other colleagues at office never be too inquisitive in getting into the matters of the others. Limit it to only what the other co-worker wants to tell you and if he is getting too personal you can also stop him from doing so.

Stop being an advisor for free. Advise a co-worker only when he seriously seeks from you and endows trust in you. While you are advising monitor your words, do not quote your personal examples out of emotions.
Knowing what to speak is all that makes the difference. Develop a good rapport with the co-workers and maintain a cordial work environment. Maintain the Professional Ethics.
Good Luck.

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